Life Lesson #3: When in doubt, follow your gut

My good friend Sherlock Holmes, from 221B Baker Street, has always followed this rule

Buongiorno brave followers of Monte Cristo Isle,

Intuition was given to us so that we can make a decision when all the elements in a decision-making process aren’t obvious. Listen to your gut, it’ll save you more often than it’ll hurt you. This applies whenever you are arriving at a conclusion, performing an action, or choosing the perfect timing.

Our gut kicks-in at a subconscious level, making it difficult to rationally explain why we ‘feel’ the path we’ve chosen is the right one. Of course listening to your gut isn’t bullet-proof, deception and crazy turns of events will always exist in the world, yet intuition makes chances of making smart choices increase. How?

Our subconscious level takes into account a crazy amount of information – deep and forgotten memories, cues, signs, timing, appearance, everything we would not be able to rationally and consciously organize in our brain by ourselves. Our brain is a powerful and mysterious computer!

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Yours Truly.

Count of Monte Cristo

19 thoughts on “Life Lesson #3: When in doubt, follow your gut

  1. I am learning to trust my gut … sorta lol … I trusted before so … eh – little shaky with it. I use utmost caution lol

    I will trust my gut if I do truly believe is the right thing for me… I won’t listen if I think I’m right lol … usually when I do that ends up being really good though.

    I had something recently that needed a swift decision… I had 2 choices – one felt right, one I wasn’t sure… one of my girlfriends did not like the one I felt right about and would say discouraging things – but it felt really right … so I didn’t listen and did anyway… and it ended up being amazing ❤️

    I’m just cautious with things though and listening to my gut was kinda squashed by something for awhile – so relearning lol ✌️… baby steps not leaping yet lol

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    1. You see Omatra, it was a good choice in the end of choosing what your gut told you to do. I’ve had multiple similar situations myself, can really relate! It really takes practice to blend cautiousness with decisions, as well as separating the gut feeling from something that’s fueled by other things i.e. leaning towards that side because of family advice and pressure.

      I’m sure you’ll become an expert one day as, how everyone knows, women have the best intuition! : )

      Thank you for sharing your story, had a pleasure reading it and hope other isle inhabitants did too,
      – Count Monte Cristo

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  2. I’ve ignored my gut, and paid for my ignorance, more times than I care to remember. Recently I’ve been paying more attention to that warning voice down there and the results have been more positive.
    When you want life to follow a certain path and the gut speaks up, start work on Plan B. The gut speaks to warn you that you are deliberately blinding yourself to significant factors.

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