Life Lesson #4: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

Buongiorno brave followers of Monte Cristo Isle,

People always misunderstand this saying. It doesn’t mean you have to be best friends with your enemy, it just means you should do everything in your power to keep many tabs on your enemy. Have someone you trust in his vicinity. Know their moves, predict their thoughts, and capitalize on their weaknesses when they make them.

Becoming a ‘friend’ of an enemy may also be an interesting technique. It will most often confuse them, where this sudden kindness of yours stems from, keep them that way and capitalize. Also, take all the necessary precautions not to get stabbed in the back or get caught in their schemes. Remember, the best moves are the ones no one expects. Please feel free to share any interesting moments you’ve had in the comments below.

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Yours Truly,

Count of Monte Cristo

5 thoughts on “Life Lesson #4: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.

  1. I’ll agree with this, just to know what dangers are around you and to be smart with it to protect your own self. Can be insightful

    Ps… what happened to teleporting lol kidding ✌️😄


    1. My answer to you is Life Lesson #3 🙂 Trust your gut; I would begin by looking for cues such as jealousy, two-sidedness, and obvious moments when you red-hand someone (etc!). After you spot these things, take the time to reflect how it is affecting you and whether it is done on purpose. If your answer is “negatively, on purpose”, take necessary action to limit your interactions. In the end, whether to consider them as an enemy depends on severity and intent. What are your thoughts?


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